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Mark Haynes

Graduate of Web Development with Enterprise 2:1

HTML / CSS / SASS / jQuery / PHP / Wordpress / Woocommerce


Hello, I'm Mark.

I'm a Graduate of Web Development with Enterprise. During my time at Staffordshire Univeristy, I undertook many projects allowing me to gain skills in web design and development. Outside of University I have also worked on other projects. Some of these can be seen below.
If you have a new project, please contact me, I'd love to help!

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My Recent Projects.

Please take a look at some of the projects I have worked on below.

THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride Telford & Mid Norfolk image

THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride Telford & Mid Norfolk

I created, continually develop and maintain the Website for The Polar Express Telford and Mid Norfolk Railways.

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HoliParty – Ecommerce image

HoliParty – Ecommerce

Built on Wordpress using Woocommerce this E-commerce shop was required to sell, primarily, Holi Powder.

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Telford Steam Railway Website image

Telford Steam Railway Website

I currently volunteer as the Web Developer / Administrator for Telford Steam Railway

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Other Great Projects.

Have a browse at some of the other projects I have worked on.

Telford Steam Railway – Graphic Design image

Telford Steam Railway – Graphic Design

Since 2014 I have created many graphical images for Telford Steam Railway here is a small selection.

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Code Exposed image

Code Exposed

Code Exposed is a little Wordpress site I have recently created where I will place little useful snippets of code.

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Victoria Jane Blog image

Victoria Jane Blog

A Fashion / Craft blog running on Wordpress designed to be fully responsive.

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HR Portal image

HR Portal

A online portal allowing clients and staff to enter details regarding Occupational Health Care in extensive forms with full HTML 5, PHP and jQuery validation.

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Cloud Bite image

Cloud Bite

Cloud Bite is a Technology blog ran by myself since 2009. I have worked with some large companies reviewing and launching products.

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Chart Radio image

Chart Radio

A University Module to design a University Chart Radio Station Website, with clear designs and research for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

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Shopping Web Application image

Shopping Web Application

A University Mobile Web Programming Module to create a useful mobile web app.

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Contact Me.

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